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Do ezpz mats really suction to the table?

Yes! As long as air can't get underneath the mat, all ezpz mats are self-sealing and cannot be released by pulling on the plate or bowl. This includes wood, laminate, stone and glass surfaces. Also, it is critical that the back of the mat is clean and free of lint and dust. To release the suction simply peel the outer edge.

How to remove ezpz from the table?

The mat can be easily removed from any table when you lift the corner.

Is ezpz heat resistant?

All of our silicone products are safe to use in the microwave. They are oven safe, too (up to 350 degrees). They are also dishwasher safe, though we have found that rinsing with warm soapy water works just as well (if not better).

How to clean ezpz?

Rinse with warm soapy water