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VIM & VIGR creates compression socks that make a big difference — every day.

Like many, we had jobs that kept us seated at our desks or behind the steering wheel or on our feet for most of the day. Our legs were often sluggish making after-work more about recuperation rather than recreation and relaxation.

Compression socks proved to be a great solution. They energized our legs for our post-work play, but didn't do much for our sense of style. And so our quest to make comfortable, stylish, and hardworking all-day, everyday compression socks began.

VIM & VIGR brings the benefits of compression socks to more people who need everyday relief. With so many fabrics and styles to choose from, our socks make it easy to put your best foot forward and be proactive about your health every day, all day. 

美國 Vim & Vigr 優足壓力襪,兼備時尚設計及健康功能,增進雙足血液循環,特別適合因工作、運動或懷孕而面對疲倦、水腫及靜脈曲張的女性。

Vim & Vigr 獨有 Gradient Pressure™ Knitting Technology,利用嶄新的編織科技,襪筒由腳踝至腿部加入漸進式壓力,有效舒緩水腫和靜脈曲張,同時有助消除腳部疲勞及沉重感,改善腿部線條,為雙腿重新注入無限活力及美感。

獲美國食品及藥物管理局 FDA 認可的 Vim & Vigr 壓力襪,台灣製造,現已登陸香港,備有 10 款顏色及 3 種尺碼選擇,適合隨意配襯日常服飾,輕易營造活力和簡約的個人風格。

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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