Potette Plus

Potette Plus is a 2-in-1 portable potty and trainer seat, which is compact, portable, hygienic and durable.


When used with the super-absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners, it works as a portable potty which is great for travel or use anywhere there may not be convenient facilities. Potette Plus can also be easily folded and converted into a folding trainer seat, to be used at home, hotels or at Grandma's.


Potette Plus 兩用摺合便攜廁所,採用摺合式設計,體積小巧,容易收藏及攜帶,堅固耐用,兼備有多款亮麗顏色可供選擇


只需配專用的防漏吸濕袋,就可將 Potette Plus 當作便攜式幼兒廁所使用,每次用完即棄,方便衛生。Potette Plus 另一項實,是轉成幼廁板模式適合於家中、酒或到探訪親時使,簡單而方便。

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