Gummee Glove

Gummee Glove offers babies relief and comfort, and saves little hands from becoming red and raw. It is designed to fit babies from 3-6 months, before they develop the fine motor skills to hold other toys. It is ideal for dribbling, drooling babies who are chewing on their hands, which is often an early sign of teething.


Gummee Glove can be securely attached to baby's hand with the velcro closure at the wrist, so it won't fall on the floor! Its various elements make it a handy toy, with lots to stimulate the little ones.


Gummee Glove 得意牙膠手套,出牙時寶寶更容易握穩操控牙膠,利用不同質感按摩口腔各部位,刺激感官發展。手套可固定戴於BB 手上,手腕開口位置以魔術貼固定,可因應寶寶手仔的大小而調節,穿脫都十分方便,能防止手套被扔掉或跌於地上。


而實用的 Gummee Glove,榮獲多項育兒用品優大獎,是別出心裁的幼玩具和成長輔助用品

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