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Dr Brown’s is dedicated to providing thoughtfully designed, thoroughly researched, healthful feeding products for babies. The Dr Brown’s family of baby bottles and bottle accessories, breastfeeding products, pacifiers, teethers, baby care products, cups and solid feeding innovations help ensure happy feeding for the littlest members of the family.


In keeping with the standards of our baby bottle, Dr Brown’s products offer better functionalities for parents and maximum health for babies. To maintain a brand that parents can rely on, we place heavy focus on research and development, to ensure every product achieves the best possible results. This means that we invest as much time and resources as necessary, to create quality feeding products with distinctive health-related benefits.


Dr Brown’s 是廣受醫護人員及父母推薦的頂尖國際育兒品牌,一向在業內備受推崇。全球最新推出的 Options™ 排氣奶樽,更能配合不同成長階段幼兒的成長需要,更實用和優良的專利設計,為愛戴 Dr Brown’s 品牌的父母帶來更完美的體驗。


為不斷開創先河,Dr Brown’s 致力研發及開拓父母信賴及喜愛的優質育兒產品,包括奶樽、輔助用品、母乳系列、安撫咀、牙膠及全新的個人護理用品等等,務求為寶寶在成長路上帶來最大的健康益處和保障。

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Showing 1 - 15 of 36 items

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