Arm's Reach

Mini Arc Convertible is a unique creation that enables parents and babies to sleep more safely and comfortably next to each other. It promotes bonding and develops stronger sense of closeness and security. The Co-Sleeper is suitable for adult beds that are 24" in height or above. It keeps babies within arm’s reach, for easier feeding and comforting.


With breathable mesh sides, it creates a comfortable, safe and cozy sleeping environment, bringing more restful sleep and peace of mind to concerned parents. Compact in size, Mini Arc Convertible is perfect for smaller rooms, and is foldable for easy carrying. This innovative and ideal sleep solution has been recommended by leading pediatricians and sleep research experts.


Mini Arc Convertible 三用嬰兒睡床及網床,設計創新而獨特,讓父母可以更安全而舒適地和寶寶同睡,培養親密的育兒關係和安全感。睡床適用於離地高度 24" 或以上的成人床,讓媽媽可將寶寶維持在視線範圍內,隨時伸手可及,非常方便餵哺、安撫及照顧寶寶。


睡床為寶寶營造舒適而安全的睡眠環境,亦讓父母充份享受更放鬆而安心的睡眠。闊度僅 20 吋,巧妙利用了大人床側的空間,摺合式設計亦方便收藏及攜帶。

Mini Arc Convertible Co-Sleeper 榮獲多位頂尖兒科醫生及睡眠研究專家推薦,是廣受全球各地父母推崇的育兒恩物。

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