The Alex Brands family of brands is comprised of some of the most iconic, recognizable and award winning toys in the industry today. With a commitment to helping children become more active and develop their imagination and creativity, Alex Brands offers toys, games for children of all ages.

Known since 1986 for quality art supplies and crafts kits for kids, ALEX has expanded over the years to a lifestyle brand for creative fun. From infant to toddler to tween, we empower confidence and inspire kids to express their creativity by providing innovative creative toys for baby, bath time, preschoolers, pretend play, spa, fashion, jewelry and active play.

ALEX Brands啟智玩具針對各個年齡層的孩子設計出與眾不同、且適合他們的玩具。多年來, ALEX Brands 的不同產品都曾獲得世界知名媒體以及玩具專業審評機構的榮譽和獎項。目前ALEX的產品在世界80多個國家都有銷售。

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