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Crafted into amusing shapes loved by children, this special themed organic pasta will make family mealtimes much more engaging and fun. The delightful shapes are the perfect bite size for young toddlers. A great source of energy and protein for children, this highly nutritious and fun pasta will be an all-time favourite for both parents and their little ones.

來自意大利的 Joy Organics 有機卡通意粉,提供孩子成長所需的能量及蛋白質,為每餐帶來豐富美味及營養。產品採用優質的有機杜蘭小麥粉、蕃茄及菠菜,配合意大利傳統的低溫麵團及銅模生產技術,製成健康又質感軟滑的有機意粉,一啖一口,為孩子的餐膳增添無限樂趣,絕對是深受父母和孩子喜愛的美味食材。

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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