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Bunny Trails 兔子障礙賽


With Future Coders Bunny Trails, you learn how to “Program” bunny’s trail to the carrot patch as you solve each challenge card. When helping Bunny find a path through the garden, you take a problem and break it down into simple steps, as if telling a story. You problem-solve by looking for logical solutions, all while using thoughtful planning to avoid obstacles and get Bunny to the carrot! It’s a fun, exciting way to learn thinking skills while having fun!

  • Features your own pet robot and the world you create for it! Your robotic rabbit comes alive on the gameboard
  • Use stickers and punch out cardboard pieces to create the custom obstacles and elements that your bunny bot will travel around
  • Choose a level card, which will tell you where to place the starting and stopping tiles and obstacles
  • Using logical skills, you can program a path by placing direction tiles on the board, to create a line from start to end, while avoiding other dangers in the garden. Place bunny on start and watch him open the gate, dodge the badger, go through the tunnel and follow your path!
  • The level cards are numbered, so each level gets harder.
  • Follow those challenges or have fun creating your own!
  • Recommended for children 4 years of age and older.


Bunny Trails「兔子障礙賽」遊戲之目的,是要為兔子策劃通往紅蘿蔔基地的最佳路線,遊戲透過有趣又具挑戰性的任務,訓練孩子分析及拆解難題,就像講故事一樣,以簡單的步驟逐步訂出解決方法,幫助兔子突破重圍。孩子不但能從遊戲中學習思考、推理及部署,過程亦充滿趣味和刺激。

  • 遊戲的主角是機械小兔,只要正確地設定路線,小兔就可以在遊戲盤上勇往直前,成功地找到紅蘿蔔基地
  • 先利用內附的裝飾貼紙及圖形,拼砌成障礙物及立體標誌
  • 然後選擇不同難度的挑戰卡,按指示放置起點、終點及障礙物
  • 透過邏輯思考,孩子要利用方向板塊在遊戲盤上舖排最佳的路線,令兔子能順利跟隨路線,突破花園的種種障礙物,衝過閘門,避開猛獸,穿越隧道,最後成功地抵達終點
  • 遊戲的難度,是按挑戰卡上的數字而遞增
  • 參加者可按照挑戰卡的指示進行遊戲,也可以自行設定起點及終點的位置,體驗另一種樂趣
  • 遊戲適合四歲或以上


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